Grit and Glam: The World According to Adina Doria

29 Apr




Los Angeles-based photographer Adina Doria


It’s been said that California is for Dreamers. It most certainly is and I am no exception. Nothing thrills me more than donning false eyelashes, spackling on the glitter and declaring myself a “Comet Rider”. Conversely, I often catch myself waxing poetic for times that pre-date my birth. This bizarre juxtaposition of humanism is precisely why I revel in the work of acclaimed Los Angeles-based photographer, Adina Doria.




With one foot hinging on the 1970s punk scene of New York’s Lower East Side and the other delving into candy-colored futuristic realms, Doria’s recent work reflects a position of nostalgia and earthly rebellion. Her photographs create a visually explosive environment; an ambiance that reflects both grit and glamour, providing an experience that is simultaneously alarming and liberating.




Doria’s photographs are intense. Yet her work is not raw or brute. Through the lens of her camera, Doria presents psychologically charged subjects whose emotional states teeter between despair and redemption. Bridging the gap between commercial and fine art photography, Doria elegantly and honestly examines the capacity for being human in an age where anything is seemingly attainable and everything is for sale.




Young for her wise years and already firmly established in her industry, we have much to look forward to from Adina Doria. Word has it she innovated a technique that will take fashion photography in an important and unanticipated direction. Pay close attention!







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