Established by Hillary Metz in 2009, Blythe Projects represents US-based artists creating conceptually and spiritually driven work in a variety of media. Blythe Projects’ transcendent aesthetic and commitment to works of contemporary interest and timeless significance are underscored by its innovative structure. We are not tied to a permanent gallery space, but rather host acclaimed exhibitions within eclectic spaces that reflect an artist’s specific ethos. The result is a gallery experience that is consummately unique, adventurous, and extraordinary for collectors and enthusiasts. Described as “that small space where Leonard Cohen meets Led Zeppelin,” Blythe Projects also participates in several international art fairs, with a strong focus on Miami, Los Angeles, and New York.

Representing both mid-career and emerging artists, Metz supports visual artists who create works at the intersection of representation and abstract, whose processes reflect paths that interweave the aesthetic, spiritual, and scientific. Before creating Blythe Projects, Metz was the director of a prominent contemporary art gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she mounted 12 exhibitions and participated in 5 international art fairs a year. Metz is a Hammer Fellow and a member of LAXArt’s Curator’s Circle, LACMA’s Modern & Contemporary Council, and the Space Tourism Society. She also served on the MOCA Contemporaries Board from 2008-2010.


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